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Yahoo! Web Design

Lots o stuff

Yahoo! Finance

While I was design manager I proudly updated the information architecture, adding global navigation across the site. I created templates for the major content areas, and designed a home-grown cms and image library system to support adding new content. 


The team also explored new content areas, particularly financial columnists. This is just one mock of many...


Trying to figure out how to integrate personal finance content with financial content was the bulk of my team's work for many months. 

Yahoo! Personals

Redesign explorations

We broke into three teams, IxDs paired with Visd, and explored how to update Yahoo! personals look and feel. Each team tailored their design for a persona, and after much iteration, we did desirability testing on three directions.

For this exercise I played IxD on one team, while providing creative direction to everyone (in my role as design manager.)